• Energy, Environment and Carbon Management

Foto Energy, Environment and Carbon Management Alberk QA Technic performs activities in order to provide Energy efficiency, cleaner and liveable planet for future generations. It is certain that Alberk QA Technic personnels work in a team spirit, focus on methods to gain efficiency in financial and timing manner for projects, maintain all necessary researches and examinations, and target to procure utmost benefits against their clients

Alberk QA Technic provides services in a corporational structure, wide and compelling portfolio by facilitating high technology within the direction of customer needs

  • ISO 50001
  • ISO 16001
  • ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Validation and Verification
  • Carbon Footprint
  • ISO 50001
    • ISO 50001 represents current and optimal national and local standards within energy management.

      This standard is a framework which had gathered Energy management experts from more than 60 countries. ISO 50001 provides you a guidance in order to comprehend / realise your own energy consumption

      It forms your actions plans, establishes your target and energy performance indicators in order to lowen your consumption, determines, prioritizes and records your improvement opportunites for your energy performance.
  • TS EN 16001
    • TS EN 16001 draws an efficient energy management framework. It basically affects daily decision processes by generating energy management framework and providing behavioral changes on energy efficiency instead of focusing on technical resolutions of energy consumption. In this direction, this simplifies the compliance for organization against legal regulations
  • ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Validation and Verification
    • It is certain that either human and nature affect the climate change in a negative manner, and it leads to significant changellenges on sourcing, production and economical activities. In response, regional, national and international ventures are being developed and applied in order for restricting greenhouse gas (ghg) within atmosphere. These precautions are based on reckoning, monitoring, reporting and verifying of greenhouse gas emissions or revulsion
  • Carbon Footprint
    • Climate change is the one of most significant issues for earth and nature, and it is being revealed by accelerating greengas emissions.

      Determination and reduction of amount of carbon footprint enable to settle significant matter. In this context, it requires us to implement stabilization methods such as increasing of energy efficiency, reducing of carbon emission with green energy and neutralizing remained greenhouse gas emissions
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