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Foto Fuel and LPG Alberk QA Technic, conducts the periodical controls required to be performed not to give damage of human health and safety, by its experienced engineer staff and modern test devices for all tanks, machinery, electrical panel and equipments used at at ‘’Fuel and LPG’’ stations. Reports issued as a result of controls conducted by our company, have the authorisation which is requirement of audits performed by ‘’   Ministry of labor and social security labor inspectors’’

 Fuel oil and LPG Station Inspections

Alberk QA Technic conducts periodicals controls against all tanks, machineries, electrical panel and equipments that are being operated in Fuel oil and LPG stations

in order not to damage human health and safety with well-experienced engineer team and modernized testing equipments. 

The reports of periodical controls have equivalent authority which is required by audit results of Labour Inspectors of Ministry of Labour and Social Security. In the following you may review that Alberk QA Technic serves technical controls of all factory equipments and fuel oil stations nationally and internationally

Tank inspection and maintenance services

  • Fuel-oil tank leaking test
  • Periodical control and Certification of LPG tank
  • Other inspection services for LPG Tank installment and pumps
  • Controls, tank inspection and maintenance services

Static grounding and reporting services

Staticgrounding measurement of all fuel-oils and LPG stations (tank, canopy, tanker, primary and secondary panels)

Equipment static grounding measurement of all fuel-oils and LPG stations (conductors, pumps, jet-wash, comprasor, hydrophore, generator)

Static grounding cycle measurement

Protective Care Services
  • Maintenance, control and cleaning of panels
  • Portal current-voltage value measurements
  • Control of phase equilibrium
  • Controls of Over-current and potential protection equipments
  • Interior panel ports and interior staff controls
  • Interior panel bus isolation controls
  • Compansation and reactive settings control
  • Interior panel fastener steam controls
  • Interior and upper panel labeling activities
  • Control of electrical wiring and leaktightnesses
  • Isolation with polyurethane foam
  • Enlightment controls
  • Control Panels for Explosion-Proof Pumps
  • Electrical control of dispenser filling hoses
  • UPS and regulator control
  • Electrical equipment control for basement floor
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